I introduce myself to you as a fellow traveler on this glorious human journey. 

My wanderings have led me to walk alongside horses. 

I am humbled, healed in their graceful, majestic presence. 

With joy, I embark upon the offering of Equine Facilitated  & Rider Focused Psychotherapy.

 I bring these exceptionally generous creatures to you in order that you may know your truest self and 

live in accord with your highest calling. 


Buttercup & Goliath

 My Equine Partners, my Teachers, my Loves.


Where To? Trusting the Process...

Rider Focused Psychotherapy...Maybe what you need right now to get to that next, great place with your horse. 


Contact Deborah Whalen, LCSW

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Deborah Whalen Equine

The Trinity Ranch, 81 Ranch Road, Lamy, New Mexico 87540 United States

505 820 0477

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